This course aims to develop an understanding of students about the necessity of planning the development people want by taking into consideration:
(i) All dimensions of the meaning of quality of life, and
(ii) Education as one of the most important means to improve and build capabilities and enlarge available opportunities and choices for improvements in the wellbeing of societies
Student participants will be exposed to the following:
1. Definitions of key terms including but not limited to
- Development as Modernization
- Development as Distributive Justice
- Development as Human Development
- Planning as an input-output model
- Development planning from
Multi-sectoral planning
Integrated structure
Task-based approach
Holistic Approach
Result oriented
2. Development planning
Pillars of Comprehensive Development plan
Common problems in Planning the development
Justifications behind setting targets for effective development plan
Causes of Planning failures in both developed and developing countries
Features of an Integrated development task management
Key elements in the learning process approach to development planning
3. Steps in Development planning
Step 1. Assessment and identification of development activities
Step 2. Prioritization of development activities
Step 3. Differentiation of plans and Activity planning
Step 4. Implementation of plans
Step 5. Monitoring and Evaluation